Over an extended period of time some months back, I consistently found myself thinking that I was doing so much as far as my service to God and humanity was concerned. Of course I had ‘tangible proofs’ to support the way I felt at the time: I was in multiple Units in church, doing so many things and making a whole lot of sacrifices; I also felt a chunk of my income was going to meet the needs of others. I did try on numerous occasions to shrug that feeling off, but it wouldn’t just go away; everything about me was screaming ‘Hey man, you gotta chill! Jesus has died for humanity, so there’s no point putting yourself through this much when you can simply convert your resources for personal use.’

While all of this was going on, God used a simple video clip to arrest me. While I was sat on the sofa streaming the first service on one beautiful Sunday morning, I saw a brief documentary featuring the selfless, yet amazing and enduring, works done by volunteer members of the E200 Church. God quickened me to have an idea of the enormity of what these Generals of His are sacrificing constantly and consistently to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of members of the Elevate 200 church. I got to realise that no matter what I was sacrificing, at least I still get to have the luxury of attending Sunday services where I receive greatness tips for life and living, whereas some of these volunteers with the E200 church get to ‘miss out’ often.

God also led me to Christ’s experience on the Cross of Calvary, a rather unpleasant path He took, giving His everything, just to secure my salvation and absolute victory in life’s battles. God has never held anything back as far as my wellbeing is concerned. His love for me is so immense that He can’t but make available to me all things that pertain to life and godliness. His love for me, not the nails, kept Jesus on the cross – nothing, not even the grand schemes of the devil, could make Him change His mind when the pains were ridiculously unbearable.

After this brief encounter, I found myself weeping profusely– my face was awashed with tears of repentance. I was ashamed of myself for coming to that point where I thought I was doing too much for God and humanity. By the way, did I mention that I wouldn’t have been who and where I am today if it wasn’t for the selfless sacrifices of many kind-hearted people right from when I was a child? God has used both known people and strangers alike to nurture me, provide for me, pray for me, counsel me, bless me, favour me, and so on and on…

I am now at that point in my life where no matter what I give to or do for God and humanity, I am still very much aware that I can never do enough to even justify God’s basic love, blessings and faithfulness over my life. I can spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week serving God and humanity, it will still not be enough appreciation to the divine health I have been enjoying for ages. I may (and of course I should and I will) give everything I have to God and to people, that deed will only pale in comparison to God’s provision for my me.

Similar to Abraham, Caleb, and other Patriarchs of old, I am trusting God for grace to be unrelenting in my service to God and to humanity as long as I live. I want to consistently and joyfully lay down my all for the cause of Christ and for the service of humanity. No dimension and extent of sacrifice can be too much for my God!

My prayer and desire for myself and for you is for God to baptise us with a different spirit that will make us courageously resolute in our service to God and humanity. God will empower us and make us capable of meeting needs of individuals, communities, states, and of nations. Shalom!

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