The Elevation Church Development Schools comprise of 4 classes that are designed to aid in your spiritual growth and walk with God. The classes are taken progressively from Membership to Missions after which a student graduates from the development school system.

Join the Development School

Being great at TEC means getting involved in service and doing your best at it. We have a lot of avenues where you can serve, so feel free to be a part of the Lord’s workforce and join in the harvest. For enquiries on how to get involved in any service unit, please send an email to

Benevolence/ Hospitality


We’re always excited to see our guests at TEC and we do our best to treat them like royalty. Easily one of the friendliest groups of people in church the hospitality team makes you feel the love just for walking through the door. They are the first to say ‘hello’ and also are first to say ‘have a great week’ when you are leaving the premises. In charge of our guest welcome services, you are always in good hands with the hospitality team.



We are here to listen, talk and pray with you. We provide counselling to members of the church either individually or as a group. We provide the essential guidance needed in living a victorious Christian life (Proverbs 11:14 )

Junior Church

Junior church

Our passion is children! We teach the word of God in a fun and child friendly environment. The classes are structured according to age: 0-2, 2-7, 8-12 and 13-19. All our teachers have some experience and undergo trainings to give the kids the best care.



Lights, camera, action! We oversee the video coverage of all the programs in church and the television ministry. It’s good, technical work and is a great ministry to be a part of!



A great service experience is dependent on various factors including great sound. We aim to give the best possible sound experience in every TEC event. Sound engineers welcome!

Social Media


Teenagers are full of life, ideas and energy! Rather than stifle their creativity, TN fans the flames of these soon to be adults so that they can blossom into all God has called them to be. Join us to be a part of those shaping the lives of tomorrow’s dynamite leaders. Check out the TN page here

Ushering Department


Our passion to take care of you. We’ll make you feel right at home in the sanctuary to ensure you have a great worship experience. We ensure that order reigns in God’s house and are also on hand to make all our guests feel extra special.